Arisia 2010

The elevators were beautiful (although one shouldn’t stand to close to the glass if wearing a skirt or kilt, or you become the view as the car goes up) but the stairs were quicker; sometimes even if going from the first to the fourteenth floor.  And the way the events at the con were laid out on multiple floors, we were using the stairs (pant, pant) or the elevators (it would be quicker to use the stairs) constantly. Thank goodness, a new hotel next year.

It's beginning to look a lot like fishmen

Bless me, the costumes! I have never seen so many fairies (mostly male) and dominatrices. Deep Ones walk the lobby and zombies lurch through the halls. Vampires lurk in corners and superheroes stand around chatting amiably with nuclear holocaust survivors. The most popular device was spring-loaded high tech stilts. Numerous individuals boinged through the hotel like galloping ostriches.

Saturday, the geniuses in programming scheduled my solo reading opposite Broad Universe’s Rapid Fire Reading, so my best bets for an audience were tied up.  Plus the solo reading room is off in the Siberia of the tenth floor.  I wandered in to check out the site of my expected demise, and found the scheduled readers for 10:00 and 10:30 sitting around telling each other “Duck walked into a bar” jokes.  Thus I made the acquaintance of James D. Macdonald and Gordon Linzner (the latter of whom, editor emeritus of Space and Time Magazine, I ended up wandering around with Sunday night in search of parties).  We had a grand time, even though my primary repertoire consisted of elephant jokes.

Other Highlights: Sat around in the hotel lobby until midnight talking metaphysics with Ctien, “artist, artisan, and scientist.”  Then I found the “I do the weird stuff” party hosted by the Evil Overlords or some such thing. They were serving a delightful concoction in a glowing test tube.  Herbert West would approve.  Lights, sound system, and a DJ with very good taste.  I stayed up far too late and danced like, well, like a bloody lunatic.

Sunday was madness.  Four panels nearly in a row.  But all went splendidly.  I think my favorite was “Future’s so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades” with Vikki Rose and Peter Prellwitz. We had to fight with the audience to stay on topic, and sometimes it sounded like a Star Trek lovefest, but there were some marvelous conversations.  I also enjoyed the panel on the Older Fan, primarily because the audience, one African-American woman in particular, had more of interest to say than we did.  Made it easy.

Went to a Star Trek party, drank too much Romulan Ale, and came home with a suitcase full of tribbles. And my kids keep feeding them! I’ve got enough tribbles to stuff every mattress at Bob’s Mattress World.


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