About the Writing

My philosophy of writing is fairly simple: Entertain, enlighten, gently challenge or at least inspire thought, and leave my reader feeling better than when they started reading. If you want your entertainment to be dark, violent and depressing, I suggest you watch the news.

I write stories for adults who are weary of adult books, who have been flocking to the YA market for something so many adult books lack.  Youthful optimism, wonder at the amazing complexity of life, surprising characters, strange situations, imagination and humor, but seen through the eyes of someone who has already come of age and grown to maturity.

If you enjoy my blogs and essays in the Concord Monitor, I hope you’ll seek out my fiction in bookstores and libraries, and request it if you don’t find it.  Order on Amazon (please leave a review), ebooks or traditional, or from the publisher.  Find links about the books from the titles below, and links to order on the side bar:

  • Eloise and Avalon (Double Dragon 2017) is a time-travel romance in which I strive in a zen way to avoid all the frustrating paradoxes of most time-travel novels.

  • Awake Chimera  (Double Dragon 2015) is science fiction, but not space opera, set in an world where three very different species struggle to coexist, and humans are not the default good guys.

  •  Archimedes Nesselrode (Double Dragon 2013) may best be characterized as a whimsical romantic fantasy with a generous touch of humor.

Here’s a complete list of my published short work:

Winner of the Seacoast Writers Association 2005 competition and anthologized in Currents V

The Perfect Hook
Published in Shimmer, “Speculative Fiction for a Miscreant World”, in their Summer 2007 Pirate Issue

Ferrit and Faux
Published in Speculative Mystery Iconoclast, November 2008

Archimedes Nesselrode (short story version)
Published in Crossed Genres magazine #5, 2009

Published in Absent Willow Review and anthologized in AWR’s Best Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction of 2009.

The Necessity of Creation
Published in the Journal of the Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, #1, 2010

The Next Con
Anthologized in UnCONventional, Spencer Hill Press, 2012

Today There Is No Pain
Anthologized in the Broad Universe Sampler, Broad Spectrum, 2012

NH Pulp Love Free or Die anthology; May, 2014

The Twin Black Demons of Chaos
True Cat Toons Anthology, Roberta Gregory ill.; 2014

One Last Ride
NH Pulp Live Free or Ride anthology; 2016


2 responses

8 05 2012
Lindsey Coombs

love your thoughts and have just started reading! and will share your site eagerly. And to think I have lived in the same town for more than a few years and knew you wrote but it took your helping me out with my poetry to have me “find” you 🙂

18 11 2012
Denise Hisey

Looking forward to reading some of your excerpts. 😉

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