May 4, 2017

4 05 2017

I had mentioned something about painting the walls in the spare room. Jen leaped on the idea. Now that I’ve pretty much given up the notion of renting the extra bedroom (I ended up losing money in my attempts, which is definitely not what I had in mind—although I did help a couple of people out during tough times in their lives, which is a big plus) we are going to repurpose the space to our use. Mostly for Jen, who is sharing Max’s room, and it’s getting cramped for both of them.

The walls definitely needed help. I was sick of the color—a tasteful pale yellow—anyway. Jen said she wanted to paint one wall green and the other three light blue. I shrugged and said go for it.

She picked out a shade of emerald green. Dark for a wall. The common wisdom is light colors—even non-colors that go with everything—for walls. Pale, bloodless, lifeless colors. They lighten a room, so they say. The walls shouldn’t attract attention to themselves; the focus should be what is in the room. But the paint was purchased, and I thought, what the hell. It’s green. What could be bad?

As soon as we began on the wall, I felt a sense of delight. It was a lovely color, full of life, summer and cool refuge under leafy green. When it was done and dry, and the sunlight from the next morning fell on it, the room took on the glow. The wall had become a trellis covered with vines.

There was a little paint left, so I took it upstairs and painted the trim around my bedroom windows with it. That vivid green accent inspired me. The bedroom is blue, the shade chosen to be soothing and cool, conducive to sleep. I’ve grown to dislike it. I don’t want a pale, arctic blue, like the heart of a glacier. I don’t want the cold blue of the bedroom I shared with someone whose conditional love chilled my heart until it beat quickly only with anxiety.

I want vivid.

I am going to pick out the most vibrant, audacious, defiant shade of aquamarine I can find. Something on the green-blue spectrum between turquoise and teal but with a bit more of the forest in it. I will study swatches until I find the one I want. I will paint the wall opposite my bed, so that I wake up every morning and am greeted with my favorite color laughing in the morning sun.




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4 05 2017
Roberta Gatehouse

I love color, I always have, it is an important part of my life. I feel blessed that I am sighted and can enjoy color. I love putting colors together and having faith in my instinct to know when the combination is just right.
The majority of my photography is in color. When I was younger and people would ask why I shot in color I would explain that I love color and it is a great gift to be enjoyed.
As you pointed out color can greatly effect your moods and emotions. Enjoy the laughter. You deserve it.

4 05 2017

Thank you so much for your bright words! I’ve always thought of you as a colorful character.

8 05 2017
Mary Jolles

Your blog post brought back memories of houses in the southwest, where people painted walls in rich colors. I had never seen that done before, and now enjoy rooms (though not in my own house) that have one wall, or two, painted brown or navy blue or barn red.

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