22 03 2017

I’ve done my best. Even with blocking the most egregious sources and thinning out my “friends” list (I picked up a lot of political connections during the Sanders campaign) my news feed is still full of outrage. The steady parade of hysteria over the actions of the current administration is understandable, but hardly helpful, at least to me. And I am beginning to notice that many of the posts and shares are melodramatic exaggerations of the truth.

Like the whole Meals On Wheels thing. Yes, a particular program that provides some of the funding for Meals On Wheels is targeted for elimination. But the Meals On Wheels service itself is not being discontinued, despite multiple posts implying that it is. I don’t need the flood of histrionic memes and shrieking posts spreading inaccuracies. The actions of the administration are deplorable enough without resorting to hyperbole.

And I don’t need a steady diet of horrors. It sickens and depresses me. I have enough to deal with already without being poisoned daily by shit I can’t do anything about. It’s too bad, because I rely on FB to keep me in touch with friends, and to share interesting and fun items. There is a game I play with a friend which I very much enjoy (we’ve been at it for literally years now). I follow several groups, including a community message board that I find very useful. One group in particular I’ve very much enjoyed being a part of. But the news feed is a toxic minefield. I have to scroll through dozens of political posts and click bait to search for something good.

I know I’m not the only one. I see posts from time to time from people “taking a break” from Facebook. We all have our own reasons for deciding to do so, but I expect a good percentage share mine.

So I’m pretty much done with it. I’ll hop on occasionally to do the things I need to do, but I won’t be following the feed. If it seems like I’ve disappeared, I’m not ignoring you or upset at you. And I’ll still be posting my blog. (That’s another controversy which I’ll address later.)

I’m not hiding from what’s going on. I’ll check BBC news regularly to get a more measured perspective on the world political situation. And, as always, I’ll vote when I time comes. I’ll continue to write articles preaching sanity. I’ll act locally, where I know I can do some good. I just don’t care to participate in the hysterical play-by-play of our nation’s race to hell.

This, too, shall pass, albeit like a kidney stone.




One response

22 03 2017
Mary Jolles

Ain’t that the truth! I, too, am weary of the histrionics and hysteria over every little piddling thing the executive branch is doing, or accused of. So DJT put ketchup on his steak? Give me a break. My grandmother asked for ketchup at all the restaurants we went to as a child, even the hoity-toity Maison Lafitte, a French establishment.

Am I concerned about where our country is headed? Of course I am. But I am limited in both my reach and grasp, and prefer to do what I can where I am. I think that’s what everyone should do. The shouting and the yelling and the name-calling on social media is not helping.

What I do worry about, though, is that the exhaustion will get the better of us all, and after a while we won’t hear the warning bells because we’ve tuned them out. How to keep our ears cocked without going deaf is the problem.

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