Eloise and Avalon released

7 12 2016


Greetings fans and readers! I am very excited to announce that my new novel, Eloise and Avalon, has been released from Double Dragon as an ebook and as a trade paperback.  The ebook, including a Kindle version, is available here for purchase.  Here is the gorgeous cover designed by Angi Shearstone from artwork supplied by Michelle Bouchard. Michelle also did some lovely sketches which appear in the text of the print version, which you can order from Amazon here.

Eloise and Avalon is part romance, part science fiction, part social commentary. In other words, pretty much what my readers have come to expect from me. To summarize the story, Eloise Smith is a history geek. She rebels against her family’s plans for her to devote herself to the subject she loves. In doing so, she finds herself drawn to the brilliant and reclusive Peter Avalon, an iconoclastic professor of history (and damn near everything else). She develops the classic student crush, devoting herself to him as his assistant, and kicking herself for succumbing to a cliché case of unrequited love. Eloise eventually discovers that not only is her love not unrequited, but Peter Avalon is not at all what he is supposed to be.

Pi-Sigma Avalon is indeed a historian, but from a world eleven hundred light years away and twenty-two thousand years into Eloise’s future. And he isn’t supposed to be there at all.

The prototype time/space transport device developed by the Thalesians has been judged by their scientific and philosophical councils to be too dangerous to risk using. But Avalon cannot resist the temptation. Just one quick jump, back to Old Earth, the lost world of their past, shrouded in mystery. No one need know. But he stays much longer that he intends, and comes back profoundly changed.

Eloise returns with him, and she confounds Thalesian expectations of what primitive humans are supposed to be like. So does the information Avalon brings back, blowing the carefully crafted theories about his people’s origins completely out of the water. The consequences of Avalon’s unauthorized expedition threaten to throw the peaceful, orderly society of Thales into chaos. And if the philosopher monks of Eden are correct, Avalon and Eloise face an unimaginably challenging future which cannot be avoided, because it has already happened.

I’ll be at both Arisia and Boskone promoting my new book (look for me at the Broad Universe Dealer’s Table), and hope to have copies in local independent bookstores. And, of course, it will be available at my local library. If it’s not available at yours, ask for it. Please!




One response

8 12 2016
Mary Jolles

Congratulations on the release of your new book! I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy. Your brief description of the plot has piqued my curiosity.

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