Be Subversive: Vote

9 02 2016

get off computer voteGood morning. It’s Tuesday, February 9, 2016. If you live in New Hampshire, you have one, single, task that absolutely, positively must get done today: Go down to your local polling place and VOTE.

Doesn’t matter if you have that Trump swagger. Or if Rubio is your guy (even if Santorum couldn’t think of a single thing Rubio accomplished in the senate, never mind. Santorum is a loser.) Or perhaps you like the cut of Jeb’s jib, Or you believe in Trussing Ted. Or Carson, or Carly , or Christie. or Kasich. Pick your guy and mark your ballot. Think carefully about who you figure would represent you best. Vote you conscience, in spite of all the manure that’s been flung around. Seize an ideal and cling to it. Even if your guy is polling at .02%, it’s your vote and you can use it any way you want. You might as well vote your beliefs.

vote be heardYour vote has power. Why else do you think they keep making it harder to vote, passing new restrictions, trying to trip you up? Don’t let ’em beat you! Go down there, show your ID, and demand a ballot. It’s your right.

Yes, I admit I’d like to see ’em Bern down the polls tomorrow, but I’ll be happiest if we break records for turnout. If you are for Hillary, get yourself down there ’cause she really needs your help!

All the posting, preaching and posturing on social media counts for zilch if you don’t vote. This is going to be a very close one — hell, they were tossing coins in Iowa! Every vote down to the old lady tottering in on her walker and the new-minted voter sending off a text just before heading in behind the curtain. You all count. A handful of votes could literally make all the difference.

fail to voteEspecially you millennials. They’ve been dissing you, condescending and sneering at you. Show those smug old bastards and turn up in droves. Vote. Mark that ballot, let your voice be heard.

If you don’t like what your party has handed you, show ’em you’re not going to take it. Write somebody else in. Re-register as the other guys and vote for one of them. Don’t be bullied and don’t be bamboozled. Don’t let anyone else tell you who to vote for (unless you really trust them). This is your vote. You have absolute power over it.

Even if you cast your ballot for Vermin Supreme (he promises you a free pony!) it will be counted. If enough of you do it, you’ll have the bean counters squawking and the pundits soberly discussing what this new trend means. Suits on camera will wonder why you threw your vote away, but you know better. You got them chattering about what you did. The only way you throw your vote away is if you don’t use it.

bad politiciansLet me say this again, because it is important: The only way you throw your vote away is to not use it.

Vote on your way to work, or on your way home, or on your lunch break. Even if you’ve never voted before, this is your chance to vote in one of the strangest elections in living memory. Savor your moment of participation. Use it wisely.

They try to make you feel small and unimportant, like you don’t count. Hell yes you count! They may ignore you, ignore your face, refuse to listen to your opinions, walk away when you try to talk, but when you walk into the voting booth and mark that ballot, they’ve got to listen. You hand ’em that ballot, and they’ve gotta take it. Your vote counts just like everyone else’s, no matter what airs they put on, how big their house is or how fat their paycheck is. Your vote is equal to theirs. Shove it in their faces.

if 99% showed upBecause, for a lot of you, your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents struggled and protested, got beaten up and killed to get their legal say. For you. So you could stride into that polling place with your head held high and grin. They can’t stop you. You’re gonna vote. Your gonna have your say.

Let’s scare the crap out of all those people who don’t want us to vote, who are scared we won’t vote the way that they want us to vote, scared we’ll upset their applecart by voting our way, not theirs. Let’s turn out in record-breaking numbers and blow things right out of the water.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it so much, it’ll become a habit. Boy, will that mess up their demographics and stereotypes! What are they going to do about all these suddenly active and interested groups that they used to be able to count on staying home?

Not any more. We are going to subvert the system.

We’re gonna vote.

vote future depends on it




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9 02 2016


9 02 2016
Mary Jolles

Right on! I’m excited because the NH Secretary of State predicts that there will be a record turnout of voters today. As I was shopping at IGA today, I had a short conversation with the teenage cashier (whom I remember when he was a student in Kindergarten at the elementary school) and he talked very seriously about his responsibility to be involved and to care about what was going on. What a relief to know that young people do want to be involved!

17 12 2016
Melvyn Magree

Thanks for this entry. I am sad to say that your voice, like mine, is blowing in the wind. If we could only get more people to recite our warning of “The only way to throw you vote away…” There are way too few Google hits on this:(

17 12 2016

I find myself struggling not to stare in horrified fascination at the flaming train wreck that is the US political system in the wake of the 2016 election. I gave it my best shot. Now all I can do is try to protect my small corner of the country from the worst of the fallout.

Thanks for the comment.

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