31 05 2015

Success Owl


My Kickstarter is now officially over, and to my surprise (I’m such a pessimist) and delight, I have met my goal and more. I needed to hit $1,000, and my project has been backed to the tune of $1,066 (plus $10 that someone just handed me and said, “This is for your cover art. Good luck!”).  A total of 30 backers–31 if you count the generous Luddite who preferred to go with cash–some of whom I never would have expected.

Like Phyllis Yaffie, who I know only as a regular library patron, someone with whom I’ve had friendly conversations, but did not expect a donation from. Or Martha Claverie, a childhood chum who I haven’t talked to in what, at least 40 years, but who heard about the Kickstarter from a mutual friend on Facebook. Or the woman who babysat for our 21-year-old son when he was a toddler and she was a teenager. She’s all grown up with a family of her own, but she remembered me and found the cash to contribute.

Thanks to my husband Larry who regularly got it onto the Twittersphere, where I have not yet boldly gone. (It’s all I can do to keep up with Facebook. I’m socially awkward, media-wise.)

And then there are the organizations and groups who helped me get out the word, especially in the last week when I was so close yet still short of my goal: Broad Universe, the crew of the UBS Shameless, and the Pi-Con convention committee. You folks are awesome.

Finally, thanks to Angi Shearstone, who held my hand through the whole process (Kickstarter? New — scary — what do I do?) and to Jeff Warner, who planted the seed at Boskone.

Angi is already gearing up, getting her pad and pencils ready. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. I’ll keep you all posted, of course, and hope that I’ll see some of you at the release party at the end of July. More on that later.

Here are the names of the backers, those who have helped me with a critical piece of the greater struggle to get my work out there. I’ve been a writer all my life, a published writer only recently, and by the gods, if success means you have fans and folks who believe in you, then as of now, a successful writer is what I am.

Awake Chimera Cover Art Backers:

Roberta Gatehouse
Phyllis Yaffie
Michael Whitehouse
Kristina Wolff
Martha Claverie
Debbie Nelson
Kat Toomajian
Terri Bruce
Annie (you and I know who you are)
Michelle D. Bouchard
Holden Richards
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
Anna Erishkigal
Elaine Isaak
Michelle Murrain
Samantha Bryant
Lisa Cohen
Bruce Gray
Laura Fry
Anne Dube
David Katz
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert
Trisha Wooldridge
Mary and Nick Jolles
Vernon John
Patrick Brennick
Dana van der Bijl
Maureen Mann
Audrey Burgwin

Your good karma is already on its way. Those who have chosen reward packages, they’ll be coming later.




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31 05 2015

Happy for you. Good luck!

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