A Bit of Good News

20 03 2015

mudskipper-fishOccasionally the Universe strokes its metaphorical chin and murmurs, “I’ve dumped an awful lot on this person lately,” and decides to blow a pinch of gold dust instead.

As some of you know, the new and improved version of Awake Chimera is to be published by Double Dragon, the outfit that put out Archimedes Nesselrode. Release date is June, so I was scouting around for cover blurbs. A good friend of mine reminded me that we had done a panel with Robert Sawyer, who was the Guest of Honor at 5 Pi-Con a few years back. The panel was “Atheism and Skepticism in SciFi”, and the discussion was excellent. I wound up buying Sawyer’s book Hominids, the first book in his Neanderthal Parallax series, and was very impressed. Strong science, great characters, engaging story with an optimistic ending. I could see why this guy won a Hugo. And a Nebula, and a bagful of other awards.

So I decided to follow my friend’s advice and pitch Awake Chimera to Sawyer with hope of him writing the blurb. I mentioned the panel. Seems he remembered the panel and he remembered me. Son of a gun if he didn’t agree to try to fit a read of the book into his busy schedule. No promises. Sure, I understood that. I was just thrilled he was willing to make an effort.

And then, a few weeks later, I got this:

“Justine Graykin is a terrific writer, and Awake, Chimera is a wonderful read. Gender politics, philosophy, and slam-bang action make for a heady brew in this first-rate story.”
— Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues

Need I say my feet have not touched the ground since?

Go ahead, Universe, bring it on, I can handle it. I have been praised by Caesar.




7 responses

20 03 2015

I couldn’t be more thrilled for you, Justine. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your good news.

20 03 2015

Thank you. Just figured you folks were all due for something positive after all the ranting and gloom I’ve been posting.

20 03 2015
Mary Jolles

Sometimes it takes the good things a while to come around, but they do. Well-deserved, if I do say so myself! Good for you! Bask in it!

20 03 2015

Ooo! Goosebumps on your behalf! Woot!

22 03 2015

Good for you!! I must back read some of your stories! Cheers!

22 03 2015

Thank you! There are links to some of the published stuff on the site. Other stuff, too. Great deal of variability. Not all, perhaps, up to the standard of Awake Chimera.

22 03 2015
Laura Fry

I know how much you were hoping for this, and not wanting to believe it could happen and here you are. Can’t wait to read it – it had better be at Gibsons!

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