A Halloween Old Wives Tale

25 10 2013

[A guest blog from Elizabeth Black]

Did you know that there are old wives tales associated with Halloween? One goes that if you are an unmarried woman, there’s a ritual you can do to see the face of your future husband.

Get an apple, a brush, a candle, and a mirror. At the stroke of midnight on Halloween, stand in the dark in front of the mirror. Light the candle. Brush your hair and eat the apple whilst staring into the mirror by candlelight. As you stare, you should see the face of your future husband in the mirror, staring back at you.

Creepy, huh?

I learned of this old wives tale when I was an unmarried woman in college, and I had to try it. Of course, by the time midnight struck I was well into a bottle of rum so I was game for anything the slightest bit fun and scary. I told my roommate (also single and unattached) about this legend and she was eager to try it. I had bought some apples and a tall taper candle. A red one, to stand for love! I gave her an apple. We eagerly awaited midnight, just dying to try this out to see if there was any truth to it. Neither of us really believed it but we were feeling the Halloween spirit (plus the rum was flowing), so we were game for anything.

At midnight I went into the bathroom first and stood in front of the mirror. I lit the candle, brushed my hair, and nibbled on the apple. I stared and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I didn’t see a thing. Maybe I wasn’t getting married? Could I have been doomed to spend my best years completely alone? I sure hoped not. Staring into the mirror did cause my vision to blur so I saw all kinds of bizarre afterimages from the light and shadows flickering about the room. A thrill of fear ran up my spine, and I gave up about three minutes into my Halloween experiment, fleeing the dark bathroom desperately wanting light and human companionship.

Then my roommate went in. She did the same thing and though she saw something in the mirror, but she wasn’t sure. It was too blurry. We had a good laugh, finished our drinks, and went to bed by one a. m. We had classes the next morning so we had to get up early.

The next morning, I woke up about 9 am, missing my 8 am class. I wondered why my alarm had not gone off. I looked at my clock.

It had stopped at midnight.

My blood ran cold. That was the creepiest thing I’d ever seen. It did turn out to be a portent of my future since my first husband was a warthog from Hell. I’m on my second marriage, and we’re going strong after being together for 20 years.

Are you a single woman and game for a bit of fun? Try out this old wives tale and check out what you see in the mirror!


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One response

25 10 2013
Mary Jolles

I enjoyed your story! I have often marveled at the role of mirrors in magic and science. Over the centuries people have been baffled and frightened by mirrors, but undoubtedly believe that mirrors have special powers– to allow one to see the unseen, or to reveal (as with vampires) the fact that certain individuals have no reflection. Alice’s looking glass was a doorway into another world. Some things too terrible to look upon directly can be viewed indirectly using a mirror–such as Medusa. And some reflections in a mirror take on a life of their own.

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