Wicked, Weird and Whimsical Words: a Halloween Blog Tour

20 10 2013

Black cats, pumpkins, costumes and too much candy (which for me came courtesy of my recent release party–I’m looking at YOU Dana van der Bilj, although I suppose one can never really have too much chocolate) yes, Halloween is coming. And thanks to Global Warming, at least here in New England, the frost has not yet been on the pumpkin. Never mind. We can all still enter into the spirit of things.

To that end, I am treating my readers to a Halloween Blog Tour. It works like this: every other day starting October 23 and leading up until The Night Itself, I’ll be posting guest blogs from each of four other participating bloggers (the last day we write our own). I’ll also be including links to the other blogs, so that you, dear reader, can sample the treats to be found there. Rather like going from house to house with your goodie bag, but you get to do it five times instead of just once.

But wait, there’s more: if you leave a comment (even if it is just to say hello) at any of the blogs on all five days, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a special bonus of Halloween treats:
Archimedes Nesselrode ebook
Halloween swag pack (bracelet, temporary tattoos, a chapbook and more)
Re-Vamp ebook
The Midnight Carnival ebook

[All ebooks will be in your choice from available formats.]

Participating bloggers are:
Elizabeth Black (blog may contain adult content)
A Novel Friend (Trisha Wooldridge)
Whimsical Words (Vonnie Winslow Crist)
and of course, yours truly.

Look for the first post in this tour on Wednesday the 23rd. Something new will be up on each of the sites every two days until Halloween. Be sure to join us for this literary equivalent of a good old-fashioned multi-day pub crawl, but without the hangover.




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