Getting ready to party

11 10 2013

Archimedes Nesselrode Poster

The box of books arrived on Wednesday, and I’ve already sent a bunch out for review. A bunch more will go to local bookstores and libraries. Depending on how many I sell between now and then (makes a great gift!) I may have to order another box before Arisia in January. May I just say at this juncture that I love my publisher. Deron Douglas of Double Dragon has been a joy to work with. Flexible, reasonable, and patient with my inexperience.

The multi-talented Elaine Isaak, who in addition to being a distinguished writer is also almost as good with creations as Mr. Nesselrode himself, has crafted a Winged Snake to accompany me on readings and other publicity ventures. I’ll be picking it up on Sunday at the meeting of the New England Broads. Just in time for the party.

Although it won’t be quite the posh affair at the Rumplemintz Gallery described in the book, the party should be quite lovely. I’ve got my reading all planned out. Sparkling beverages, cheese and crackers, fruit and cookies for refreshments. And although I won’t have a toad butler to serve, I will have #1 son. And #1 husband wandering around with a camera. Prime footage will no doubt wind up on YouTube.

All this brouhaha would be for naught if the book itself didn’t warrant it. However, I have complete confidence that Archimedes Nesselrode will deliver as promised. So far, everyone who has read it has been charmed by it. To find out for yourself, come to the party and purchase a copy. It will also be available through Amazon, or if you are a device person, as an ebook through most distributors. Or ask at your local bookstore. I’m going to try to get copies into as many of them as possible.

Sincere thanks to all of you who made this possible, my friends and fans who badgered me into seeing this project through, convinced it would be a success. Bless me in Latin, it seems you were right.




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11 10 2013

Congrats, it must be an amazing feeling to see a box of your very own books. Wishing you every success.

11 10 2013

Thank you! I’ve sort of always believed in myself, but there’s nothing like the validation of having a publisher also believe in you.

11 10 2013

Congrats. Hope to make it down to share in the pleasure. I am giddy for you as is Sam Carter!

11 10 2013

Oh, dear Sam Carter! I still think of him as the thinking man’s James West. And, you know I’ll always admire you for having the courage and confidence to damn the torpedoes and go full speed ahead on your own. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

13 10 2013
Diane Valade

Congratulations, hope to be there on Tuesday. I loved your first book, looking forward to many more.

13 10 2013

With luck, there will be many more! Hope you like this one, too. So grateful for your support.

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