Challenges accepted

1 07 2013
Jotting notes in a high wind on the platform at the summit of Mt. Carrigain.  Mary Jolles photo

Jotting notes in a high wind on the platform at the summit of Mt. Carrigain. Mary Jolles photo

Dear friends and followers:

I have taken on two challenges this summer which will consume much of my schedule and waking hours. Allow me to explain.

During a long rambling walk of about 11 miles or so around the back roads and trails near my home, I pondered my vague plans to rewrite an old novel for a contest I’d heard about (thank you Julie Andrews and the Broad Universe list). I’d already extracted a short story from it which I have successfully sold (NH Pulp’s Love Free or Die collection). And then there was that entry I’d written in my Live Journal, my DIY summer novel. It all came together.

I have a pretty clear vision of how I’m going to write it. Naturally it won’t work quite the way I have in mind. It never does. That’s the creative process. I do know that it is going to suck up a large amount of my time and attention, because I intend to finish it by the end of the summer. The deadline for the contest where I plan to submit it (Quirk Books, in case anyone is curious) is October 1st.

Upon returning home, I had an email from my friend, photographer and hiking buddy Mary who has proposed that we finish off our list of 4K hikes this season. Specifically, she hopes to organize a camping trip while her daughter is here visiting from Colorado in September, and do Zealand and the Bonds, among the most challenging because of their remoteness from roads. We’d have to polish off all the rest of the peaks on our respective lists before then.

That would be about seven for Mary and eleven for me. By mid-September.

What it amounts to is that when it rains, I write, and when it doesn’t, I hike. And somehow I shoehorn the rest of my obligations in between.

I apologize in advance for any balls that may be dropped and commitments that may be neglected. I will of course look after my family and critters, but aside from the paying gigs, the rest is just going to have to take a back seat. I’m clearing my plate.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated. Wish me luck.




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1 07 2013
Jorge Luis Oyola

Enjoy the 4K

1 07 2013

If it doesn’t kill me.

1 07 2013

I’m also thinking of hiking a lot this summer and writing a composition sometime in the future. Good luck with your goals!

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