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8 03 2010

Creative Commons License
These works by Justine Graykin are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


That license applies to everything posted on this website. Please respect the conditions of this license. Download it, share it, but please keep my name attached to it. If you like something you find on the site well enough to incorporate into something of your own, I’ll be tickled silly. Just please let me know, so I can get a kick out of the flattery. I won’t try to stop you, because I know I can’t.

The future belongs to those who share, who put art and information out onto the Internet and let it go. Intellectual property is as irrational as thinking you can really own a piece of land, or for that matter, a cat.

Not that I don’t understand the principle of ownership, or the fine feeling that what you have created is yours and yours alone. But let’s face it. You can try to control ideas and you can try to control cats; the result is about the same.

The Internet has remade the world. Ideas, music, information, art, all get uploaded, downloaded, remixed and remodeled. It’s Marvin, with a brain the size of a planet processing it all, and the result is depressing only to the immense corporations who stand to lose the most from being unable to keep these individual cells from shooting out messages along the infinite network of synapses.

Sure I see a downside to this. Without intellectual property rights and ownership it gets very hard for writers, artists, even researchers – anybody who creates something that could be copyrighted – to earn a living out of their work. To grow a garden you have to put up with crap. And what is blooming on the Internet is the most glorious, fecund, astonishing and exciting phenomenon since the invention of the printing press. We all benefit from this intellectual socialism. Well, except for Disney and Time-Warner. My heart bleeds.

And let’s face another fact: most of us who create do so for the pure joy of it. And even under the best of conditions the pay is bloody awful for most of us. Sure, it would be great to be paid a living wage (or even get rich) for doing what I love. But I’m going to do it anyway, because that’s the way artists are. The real pleasure is first in the creating, and then in the sharing. Never has there been a better time, thanks to computers and the Internet, to create and share.

So have at it.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk, Remix Master, from RiP: a Remix Manifesto




One response

3 05 2010
The Dome

Thank you for that insight, and you’re right. I applaud your views and appreciate what you are doing. If I minght add one Mega-Corp to Time-Warner & Disney….. Clear Channel.

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