Back from Boskone

17 02 2010
Boskone filkers

Saturday night filking at Boskone 47

I learned a lot at Boskone this year. Like not to fear moderation, that relying on con-food can be risky, and that I really need a watch. I found out that Mary Kay Kare has excellent taste in clothes (and likely thinks the same of me). Our panel agreed that SF was being pushed out by Fantasy at least in part because Dark Forces rule, and Science has failed to give us jet-packs.

Trisha Wooldridge and I sampled cider and cheesecake. But best of all, there were BRAINS and Elaine Isaak enjoyed a whole plateful, with a side of vital organs. (Thanks to Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, we have photos catching her in the act!)

The filking was grand, including a Gorey Alphabet (“N” is for Neville who died of ennui), Mary Crowell, and a cute little plush Cthulhu. Read all about it.

And check out the sidebar for a link to advice on Reading Your Work Aloud, from my workshop on the subject.




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25 08 2010
Lee Ann

Did you know Neville was my favorite? Followed closely by Basil 🙂

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